#19: Young, Driven and “Busy”: Balancing between Working Hard, Being Productive, and Personal Satisfaction with Byron Dempsey, Founder of Driven Young

We live in a hustle culture world where we are young and we are driven and we want to change the world. But what does it mean to be young and driven and just how “busy” should we be? In this episode we chat to Byron Dempsey, the Founder and Host of Driven Young about the skills they don’t teach you at school, the controversial issue of unpaid internships, and finding balance between working hard, being productive, and personal satisfaction. We also dive into a discussion about side hustles: whether to categorise it as “work” or “fun” and where hobbies without metrics fits in. Overall, Byron inspires us to have the courage and drive to make an impact. Enjoy the episode!

Key resources mentioned:

  • The Sh*t They Never Taught You: What You Can Learn From Books Blockchain
  • Programming Course: https://buildspace.so/

[Disclaimer: Unpaid/under paid internships have been discussed in this episode. Legality of this kind of work differs between countries. Make sure that you check regulations around this.]

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